I Became that Mom

As a new mom working full-time, I knew I was going to be busy. I’m used to being busy. I’m super organized and I’ve balanced working a demanding job, managing a blog and pursuing a graduate degree with flare. If anyone could handle the balancing act of work and children, it was me.

I wasn’t going to let a child get in the way of my life. Sure, my time would be limited. But I would just bring the baby along and not skip a beat. Organization, planning and determination would get me through this just like any other busy aspect of my life.

Boy, was I wrong.

There are other elements I didn’t anticipate. You know, like lack of sleep. I knew I’d be sleep deprived. I survived undergrad and grad school, and I’m really not much of a sleeper anyway. So I thought I’d be fine. But I never fathomed that it was humanly possible to survive on such little sleep. I was up for 24 hours before I delivered my daughter (I’ll call her Baby J9), and once she was born, sleep became this elusive concept I could never quite grasp.

Bottom line: I’m tired. More tired than I have ever been in my entire life. My creative juices are dried up, my desire for a social life has dwindled and I want nothing more than sleep.

The severe lack of sleep along with the new demands of a child have completely robbed me of all things fun. I used to plan my outfits in advance and enjoyed the creative styling process behind it. Now I’m just lucky I’m wearing something that is clean and fits. I wrote the article Moms Bringing Sexy Back before I had a child and before I really understood what being a mom meant.

I met two important figures during my short time as a mom. The first person is Murphy.

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It felt like we also brought Murphy home with us from the hospital. In Baby J9’s short life, our washer and dryer broke down twice (do you know what it’s like to have an infant and no washer/dryer?!), BOTH cars needed major repairs, and our computer caught a terminal virus. And just for fun, Murphy added on a car accident (in addition to the repairs – everyone was fine), major family illnesses and hospital visits and problems with movers breaking furniture.

Murphy is not my favorite person, but what he taught me was that I need to learn how to balance out everyday life struggles with another human who completely depends on me. My threshold for trivial matters has significantly diminished. I can’t sweat the small stuff anymore because I don’t have time to. When it comes to people drama or the piling laundry, I have to channel my inner Elsa and “let it go.”

The other person I became close with is Maslow.



Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that people are motivated in stages. Lower level needs like food, shelter and sleep need to be met before a person can progress to other stages and eventually achieve self-actualization. Since baby, I’ve had to make decisions based on this model, often putting off outings with friends (Love and Belongingness) and this blog (Esteem/Self-Actualization) to satisfy my first need of sleep. I’m also now responsible for satisfying some of these needs for another person, so I’m having a hard time progressing until the Biological and Physiological needs are met.

I have to admit I often judged new moms for using their children as excuses for why they can’t do certain things. Reasons like naptime or a cold seemed like a cop out. But now I realize they weren’t copping out; they were just trying to survive. I confess that I have become that mom… and I’m okay with that.



I’m okay with that because I have a beautiful, funny and smart baby who gives me the best smiles and snuggles. She will only be a genuine baby for 12 months. In the span of my life, I only get 12 months of her cooing, sleeping in my arms and eyeing me in adoration. I’m savoring each laugh, each bath and each milestone. And even though I really miss things like blogging, happy hour, Zumba and, God knows, sleep, I know that I will miss these precious 12 months way more.

Hope to blog more soon,



eShakti’s Spring Collection

I adore eshakti’s new spring collection and was thrilled when they asked me to review a piece from it. I just had a baby three months ago and am still not at my pre-baby weight. Since I am still between sizes, eshakti’s customizable dresses are perfect for me! I was able to enter my current measurements to have a dress tailored for me.


I wore this beautiful blue dress to my daughter’s baptism last week and it was perfect for the occasion. Because of the tailored fit, I avoided the dreaded event of trying on dresses at the stores to see what fits my current body type. Another reason I love eshakti is that they feature such flattering clothes. I cannot find another online retailer that sells as many A-line dresses as them (and trust me- I’ve looked!).

Check out eshakti’s new spring looks now!

What to Wear to the Casino

One factor that can affect a woman’s overall mood is how she dresses.
When she is well dressed for an occasion she can have an incredible
boost of confidence. This often is projected outwardly which can make
women seem more appealing. When this occurs at the casino, it can even
positively affect their results. With the rise in mobile casino
games, many women now decide to spend a night at a casino.
the casino in the evening usually requires women to dress in a style
known as smart casual. This actually gives them many different options.
Some women may prefer to wear a dress out to the casino in the evening.
This could be their favorite little black dress or evening a cocktail

cocktail casino

Still other women may opt for more casual dresses. The maxi dress
is a stylish choice which can be paired with a smart looking jacket.
While some women prefer dresses, other women prefer pants. These could
include dress slacks made of velvet or wool. They could even be casual
slacks made of cotton. Jeans are also an option. The key to wearing
jeans is to make sure they are in good condition. They should be free
from rips or tears which would eliminate some of today’s popular styles.
The best jeans are dark in color.

casino casual
If the slacks chosen are dressier, then one of the tops with this outfit
should be casual. This means that a turtleneck may be a chosen or
perhaps a blouse. Blazers and cardigans worn along with this are a
terrific smart casual look to wear to the casino. Accessories should
also be added. Women can choose from scarves or jewelry. The key is to
keep it simple. Wearing too many accessories can cause a woman to look
too gaudy. The popular infinity scarf is a good option to wear. They
come in many different patterns as well as styles.

infinity scarf


Marshalls Project Fab

I’m so excited to be a part of Marshalls’ Project Fab where fellow bloggers get to show off their style on a budget! As many of you know, I have a long-standing loyalty to Marshalls and their affordable style. Last year, I was honored to win the Marshalls Fab Found Tour Casting Call where I got whisked away to Miami for a shopping spree, photo shoot and fashion show.

This year, the fabulousness continues with Project Fab! Since I’m wearing all maternity clothes right now, I tried something a little different and styled the lovely Michelle for a romantic date night.









I love that we were able to score this peplum top and aztec print skirt for a complete black and white look – a big trend for Fall. And of course, in true J9 STYLE fashion, I had to add a pop of color with this braided purse.

Doesn’t Michelle look hot?

A big THANK YOU to Marshalls for letting me be a part of Project Fab!



Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.


Summer Break for J9 STYLE

In an effort to finish my thesis for grad school and take care of some personal matters, I’ve decided to go on a “summer break” at J9 STYLE.


But don’t worry, just like Ross and Rachel, we will be reunited again. I have a new vision for this blog and big plans to take it to a new direction soon. I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, you can follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @j9styleblog.

I will continue to read and keep up with your blogs as well.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!



Guest Post: 4 Ways to Wear Tangerine for a Striking Summer 2013


If you think tangerine orange is a thing of the last seasons, think again. From Skaist Taylor to Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren, we saw these designers sprinkle their runway looks with tangerine for spring/summer 2013.

Tangerine is not to go away because of its striking attitude. If you wear a tangerine little dress to a room packed with bright colors, you know that your dress will surely float out. Last year´s fall we noticed that tangerine was widely worn as a separate teamed with other bright colors; the trend was called color blocking.

But while color blocking has grown old to many of us, tangerine color has not. Some fashionistas were too smitten by this shade that they aren´t ready to let go of it yet. To some, it just became their favorite color. I belong to the first group. And if you´re like me, you must be on the lookout for new ways to wear tangerine this summer.

Bear with me for I have here four looks to inspire you on how to rework that tangerine piece that you already have and what to look for in an item if you´re to purchase another gorgeous tangerine item.

1. A tangerine updated with the season´s trends

Look1 Tangerine Romper

AKIRA Tie Front Romper, Alice + Olivia Dominica Booties, and The Row Sunglasses

Whether you´re planning to invest in a tangerine romper or a little dress, look for a number that bears the seasons current trends, maybe a cutwork on the sides or a cutout at the back. You know, cut away is one of the seasons´ biggest trends.

A tangerine dress can be updated with a bow. Saint Laurent re-introduced large bows in his SS13 collection. Take a look at Skaist Taylor´s tangerine romper in the photo above, it has a cute bow. You can also go for a tangerine little dress with ruffles or pleats.

Let the color take center stage. Wear your romper or dress with a pair of nude, (knee high) lace up boots for a bold look that´s well-toned.

2. A tangerine jacket worn with black

Look2 Tangerine Jacket

Mui Mui Swing Jacket, Yohji Yamamoto Leather Pants, DSQUARED2 Biker Boots,
and Givenchy Bag

Some stylists claim that you should never wear a tangerine dress with black jacket or vice versa unless you´re heading to a Halloween party.  Well, they better see Ralph Laureen´s tangerine jacket worn over a black tank top and black leather cropped pants. Accessorized with a black small scarf, a black beret, and black peep-toe shoes, the result is just too fashionable and chic for a scary movie.

3. The new color blocking

Look3 Tangerine Colorblocking

Victoria Beckham Tank Top, Cambridge Satchel, River Island Mini Skirt, Pura Lopez´ Sandals

Remember the time when you saw almost everywhere this mix – a hot pink top, a tangerine skirt, a mustard envelope clutch, and beige, if not green, pumps? I´m talking about vivid color blocking of bright shades.

This season, take the new way to color block. Wear tangerine with other shades from its own family of colors – peach, maroon, and light pink, or wear it with pastels. This way, your blend of colors speaks more of elegance.

4. A tangerine mini dress with red

Look4 Tangerine Cutaway Dress

Elise Ryan Cutaway Dress, Sateen Clutch, Christian Louboutin Batignolle 120 Shoes

Go for the unconventional way of wearing tangerine, pair it with red. Tangerine is so close to red. Together, these colors will radiate warmth and happiness. Slip into a tangerine mini dress and complete it with a pair of red shoes. The moment you step into a room, you signal that it´s time to start the ball rolling.

Keep your accessories in minimum, a nude clutch bag and black sunglasses are enough to polish the look.

Is tangerine something you would wear this summer? How would you update that good, old tangerine piece that you had from the previous seasons?


Glee is the happy blogger behind Creative Fashion, a fashion and lifestyle blog for gleeful fashionistas, and Creative Fashion Kids, a fashion blog for tots. She´s a teacher turned full-time online entrepreneur. Visit her blogs for updates on current fashion trends.

Thank you Glee for the fab post!

J9’s Top 9 Summer Trends

Summer is finally here and there are fun trends to try while relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.

1. Bermuda Shorts


 KohlsJCPOld Navy

As a pear-shaped girl, I used to avoid Bermuda shorts like the plague because I thought they would be severely unflattering. To my surprise, it is quite the opposite. Bermuda shorts provide extra coverage for those problem areas and look very vacation chic. I’m so glad they are back in style.

2. Laser Cut Clothes


Ann TaylorKohlsDorothy Perkins

Whether a shirt, shoes or bathing suit, laser cut styles are very much on trend this season. This feminine look gives a pretty finish as well as some added ventilation for the summer!

3. 1920’s Inspired Fashion


A WeareShaktiASOS

With the movie release of The Great Gatsby and the popularity of Downton Abbey, the roaring 20’s is back. Empire waists, embroidered clothes and ornate hair accessories are back in style almost 100 years later.

4. Bold Stripes


Banana RepublicASOSForever 21

No, someone didn’t say Beetlejuice three times. My beloved stripes are back and bolder. Stripes are still on trend, but now the bigger the better. Have fun with different patterns and colors.

5. Blue and Green Eyeliner

These ocean inspired colors are perfect to try this summer. It’s a great way to add some color to your look.

6. Black and White


PiperlimeDorothy PerkinsWhite House Black Market

My favorite color combo of all time is back for the summer. Try black and white geometric prints or polka dots. Either way, this contrast combo always makes a statement.

7. Tropical Prints


 JCPForever 21JCP

Trendy floral prints have taken a tropical turn this summer. Don’t these prints make you want to take off for the beach and order a margarita?

8. Metallic Nail Polish


9. Graphics


Old NavyTargetJCP

Oh how I adore the graphic tee. Back in it’s heyday, I wore one almost every day. One of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits is still the Mickey Mouse graphic tee and blazer. Anyone remember that one? This summer, graphics can be worn anywhere. Whether your clothes or an accessory, be cure to rock your favorite graphic this summer!

What trends can’t you wait to try this summer?


My Grandpa, My Fashion Influence

I’ve been a little absent from the blogging world due to some personal conflicts. One includes the passing of my grandfather.

My grandfather was bedridden for two years and suffered from dementia. He passed away peacefully with loved ones nearby. As I reflect on our relationship, I realized that my love for prints and patterns comes from him.

Grandpa was a dress cutter and pattern maker for Liz Claiborne and worked in the garment district in NYC. His specialty was stripes. If you’ve read my blog more than once, you know stripes are my favorite pattern.

I remember him bringing home sample dresses for my mom. When I was with him, he would always notice someone’s print and comment on the craftsmanship behind it. It was only a matter of time before I started paying attention to prints and falling in love with them.

I was very fortunate to be able to see him one last time a couple of weeks ago. Although he didn’t recognize me as his granddaughter, he noticed the embroidery on my shirt. Actually, his last words to me were about how pretty the shirt was and how well the embroidery was executed. He may not have remembered me, but he remembered his life-long craft.

I can’t think of more appropriate and proper parting words for us.

Thank you grandpa for instilling a love of fashion in my life. Wearing stripes will have even more special meaning to me now.



eShakti Summer Collection and The Keys

I was invited to try eShakti’s summer collection and I was instantly drawn to this Retro Chambray Shirtdress. I love the way eShakti can customize their clothes to your personal measurements and I opted for the sleeveless cut for summer.

Although I mostly wore bathing suits and cover-ups while on my Keys vacation, this eShakti dress was my favorite outfit on the trip. This cool dress with convenient pockets was perfect for sightseeing in Key West.




Have you purchased any outfits from eShakti? Check out their summer collection!


Other photos from the Keys:


 Our hotel at Isla Morada100_1724

At the southern most point of the US


Hemingway House

Real Girl Style Link Up

Moms Bringing Sexy Back

Having a baby can be the most rewarding experience for a woman. Children bring joy and a sense of purpose. But when it comes to fashion, having a baby can really cramp your style. Throughout my fashion blogging career, the most frequently asked question I get from readers is how to regain their sense of style after having a baby.

Although I have not faced this challenge yet, I’ve made a few observations on why when baby arrives, your style departs. First, your body changes. After years of fighting with clothes in the dressing room to figure out your body type, you’ll find that once reliable silhouettes and styles may no longer work.

Second, your perspective changes. Now that you’re a mom, you have a new sense of responsibility. You may think twice about wearing that low cut shirt or short skirt.
Most importantly, your priorities change. Scoring a pair of patent leather pumps on sale at Bloomingdale’s may not be as important as nap time.


Mom Jeans

Learn and accept your new body. Having a baby comes with stretch marks and unwanted weight. That may go away eventually, but your body won’t be the same as it was pre-baby. Take the time to try new sizes and silhouettes and see what works for you. If you have to go up a size, that’s okay. It can be disheartening, but you’ll look and feel so much better when your wardrobe fits you properly. Try getting re-measured to learn your new bra size and investing in a body shaper.

As women, we constantly compare ourselves to others and this doesn’t change after having a baby. Iva, fashion blogger and stay-at-home mom to four children, stresses the importance of not comparing yourself to celebrity moms.

yellow blazer 1

One Chic Mom

“We are inundated with this celebrity culture that shows women ‘perfect’ after having children. Therefore, normal women end up feeling less than,” said Iva of One Chic Mom. “What they don’t know is that many of these celebrities have plastic surgery, stylists who pick out clothing and tailor everything they wear so it’s perfect and those interviews and beautiful pictures we see are airbrushed and none of it is real.”

Set a budget aside for your wardrobe. Along with joy, children come with a hefty price tag including diapers and college tuition. It’s easy to say “I’ll get some new clothes next month”, but that month never comes. Time goes by and meanwhile, you are looking like a hobo. Your resistance to spend $50 on a pair of flattering pants will lead to you to wearing ill-fitting clothes which will lead to low confidence, which will lead to you not feeling like you’re worth spending money on…and the cycle continues.



How does this cycle start? With mommy guilt. According to a mom survey conducted by Baby Center , 57% of moms feel guilty whenever they spend money on themselves. Although finances are important, having a confident and happy mom is important too.

Make Yourself a Priority. Having style does take some effort. You do everything you can to make sure your children and house look great, but why not yourself? Unless you are headed to the gym, do not wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. Brush your hair. Find time to get dressed up even without a special occasion.

j9 style


“I will tell you from experience, you need to get really dressed a couple times a week, especially you moms of little ones,” says Brett from SIlvergirl . “Don’t lose yourself and only focus on the kids.”

This tip is especially important for the estimated 5 million stay-at-home moms since they don’t have a “reason” to get dressed up. With an agenda full of errands and laundry, it’s tempting to don yoga pants and a hoodie every day.


Penny Pincher Fashion

“For stay-at-home moms, even if you are just going to the grocery store or staying inside most of the day, put some effort into your look,” says Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion.  “It only takes a few minutes to put your hair up in a bun, throw on some lip gloss or a quick coat of mascara.  Or change out of those yoga pants and into some jeans, a sweater & colorful scarf – you’ll be surprised at how much these small changes can affect your mood for the better.”

Determine what staple items you need and the fun items you want. Once you’ve determined your new size, set a budget and choose to make yourself a priority, it’s time to decide which items to keep and purchase. One of the biggest clothes shopping challenges is determining whether you will actually wear certain items.

Moms used to be revered as stylish and chic, but somehow, along the way, the image of mom has diminished to dowdy and frumpy.



“You know what people say to me? ‘You don’t look like you have four kids!’” says Iva, One Chic Mom.  “I think that is sad. What does a mother of four look like?”

What do you think moms? Are you ready to regain your sense of style? Are you ready to bring sexy back?

What style tips do you have for moms?